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If you have a personal short story that shares how the challenge of COVID-19 has brought unexpected benefits to your life, we want to publish and market it for you.
Our interest is in getting your stories out to the people who need them, to do what we can to help us all heal, which is why we completely removed monetary barriers. For $2.00 TOTAL, we publish and promote your story. Yes you read that right.. We want EVERYONE with an amazing Thank God I Covid-19 story an opportunity to share.

COVID-19 Took the world by storm.. Death, financial ruin, political upheaval, Political divide, threats of war threats, never before did a single virus have so many meanings to so many people….

We honor anyone who has lost their life or a family member to the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, many people feel that the best way we can honor our loved ones, our selves and one another is by bringing the darkness to light. At ThankGodi, we believe that the greatest challenges in your life can bring the very best out of you. Covid-19 can awaken us!
It appears that the road to helping each person heal through COVID-19 is going to be quite a journey.  
One by one, together, we can make a difference.
Thoughts, words and actions, are what evolves us forward…

We have developed a simple three step process to the publication and promotion of your ThankGodi Inspirational COVID-19 story:

  • Read the sample ThankGodi COVID-19 story here
  • Fill out your story, biography and image in the form below.
  • Complete your $2.00 payment and click ‘Publish My Story’.

Your ThankGodi Inspirational COVID-19 Story Summary

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  • ​What personal challenges did Covid-19 bring to your life? (Up to 250 words) 
  • ​How did you overcome these challenges? (Up to 250 words) 
  • ​ Describe the specific moment when you knew COVID-19 had a positive side as well? (Up to 250 words) 
  • ​What blessings did you find as a result of these challenges? (Up to 250 words) 
  • ​75 word Biography with your name and website link.
Marci Shimoff - New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason, and featured in The Secret
"Being thankful is a key to opening your heart and living a life filled with love and inspiration."
N.Y. Yankee - Jim Leyritz
"ThankGodi’s expert writing team took the basic outline of my story and skilfully helped me transform it into a deeply thought-provoking read."
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Dr. Paul Lanthois, Brisbane, Australia
"ThankGodi have been given an inside out approach to writing and being an author. The support and mentoring I received from the ThankGodi  writing team, helped to keep me moving forward during the many times I was tempted out of fear to stop. "

Paul Efron, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Being accepted as a ThankGodI author and embracing the ThankGodi’s ’Equilibration' process, my life has taken on new meaning,direction and purpose."

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